6 Tips To Help Staying up late efficiently

Staying up late is something that can’t be avoided when work is demanded to be completed that day (overtime), staying up late is also usually a new habit for final year students who are completing a thesis and staying up late also becomes a habit that is not spared for new couples having fruit heart. Still many more reasons for someone wanting to stay up late, these are light tips so that they are always on fire (fit, fit, excited) even though they often stay up late:

1. Save sleep by taking a nap first
Sometimes someone who stays up late forgets to take a nap first because there is work or business that is required to stay up late so that the work is finished quickly. It’s a good time to take a nap even though 30 minutes – 60 minutes routinely so as not to be too sleepy and fit when staying up late because the body needs time to sleep optimal both day and night.

2. Fill the room with bright light, avoid dim!
A bright room can make the body respond that it is not yet time to sleep, this is what makes us not easily drowsy during the day and dim conditions even tend to be dark will trigger the hormone melatonin which is a hormone that makes us sleepy, triggered faster so we feel sleepiness more early. Condition a variety of light-producing equipment in your room remain bright so that you are not easily sleepy when staying up late.

3. Caffeine and energy drinks
The source of caffeine that we often encounter is coffee and tea, it is a habit when staying up late the main friend is hot coffee or hot tea. This can be done but don’t consume too much too often it will cause immunity against caffeine. Excessive energy drinks are also not good because it will make our body the next morning tired better replace it with water.

4. Avoid heavy snacking with protein-rich snacking
Snacking at night is like consume bunch of calories,¬† snacking may but must be picky ¬†just don’t snack when we stay up late making weight gain, then choose snacks that are rich in protein such as half-cooked eggs, low carbo energy bars, protein shakes and fruit slices rich in vitamin C.

5. Stand and move 10 minutes
Activities staying up late behind the office desk sometimes make time forget so forget to give rest to the body, stand up and move (light walks) for 10 minutes that can increase energy and provide the body to carry oxygen to the blood, muscles and brain.

6.Contact with cold water
Cold water is the enemy at night, especially in the cold night conditions, but take time to take a shower if you are not strong enough to wash your face with cold water to eliminate the drowsiness that has been felt when staying up late.

Staying up late It’s possible as long as it’s not all the time and staying up late is not done when it really interferes with the clock cycle of habitual sleep, it’s wise to stay up late and don’t stay up late when it’s meaningless.

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