Benefits Eating Fish Routine

Nowadays, if we ask the kids to choose between chicken or fish most of them will choose chicken, because the fish are not usually consume on daily routine food. In here we’re gonna explain the benefits of fish or seafood, and thats why we should eat routinely.

One, fish have a lot benefits
Fish contains high protein including omega 3 fatty acids which are good for the brain and growth for your child. Fish can also be a diet, because of the benefits of having good fatty acids that do not make you gain weight.

Two, the abundance of fish
2/3 of the Earth is the ocean, it will be worthless if we only consume processed foods from land animals or rely on chickens and cows,  while we forget about marine animals such as fish

Benefit Eating Fish Routine
Benefit Eating Fish Routine

Three, suitable for all people and ages
For infants and children, omega 3 fatty acids are good for brain growth and development and also maintain the health of the brain itself. While for adolescents and adults it is very good for maintaining brain memory and maintaining eye health. Well, for parents or elderly  fish can prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s, as well as omega 3 fatty acids protect the heart and reduce cholesterol, also contain vitamin D which is good for bones.

Four, give benefits many body parts
Fish, including tasty and nutrient-rich foods, automatically good food is certainly a direct benefit to be felt by the body. Well, fish are very good friends with members of the body such as the heart (can prevent heart failure and heart attacks), the brain (rejuvenates brain function and improves brain ability), eyes (prevent eye defects and glaucoma), bones (fish rich in vitamin D) and much more.

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