More Active with Healthy Eyes

Love comes from the eyes and then down to the heart, it explain the importance of the eye function for the human body. So, to be more active we should keep our eyes healthy. Here are some tips for keeping eyes healthy:

1. Eat carrots or fruits and vegetables contain lots of vitamin A
Carrots have long been known contain lots of vitamin A and beta carotene which help to maintain eyes but not only carrots, also eat foods that support eye health such as avocados, fish, pumpkin, eggs, green leafy vegetables and nuts. Because not only vitamin A is able to maintain eye health but other vitamins and minerals also have benefit to maintain the eyes

2. Dont look so closely at the object
Slacking off on holidays is fun but sometimes we forget to keep our eyes health away when we are relaxing. Ffor example, watching movies too close when the action scenes are fun, reading interesting novels before sleeping, chatting with friends on social media until late at night and doing small details but with little light source. It’s a good step to keep your distance while doing relaxing activities so that the eyes are not too tired, and rest your eyes by stretching and massaging  the parts around the face and eyes.

3. No smoking!
Cigarettes are a source of various kinds of bad things from the components, the smoke and the money that is spent continuously to buy cigarettes after being addicted to smoking. Bad things include toxins in cigarettes, active smokers are more susceptible to cataracts, macular degeneration and various nerve damage optics. By reducing cigarettes not only makes our eyes healthy but other members of the body will feel the positive effects including our savings.

4. Do not forget to check your eyes health
It would be nice if our family has healthy eyes, but even better so that we still check with the eye doctor at least once every 2 years so that we know whether our eyes are still good or have begun to indicate eye problems,also check for our children to anticipate or find out whether there are symptoms of farsightedness or eye disease.

5. Do more often Sports
Some studies explain that regular exercise can reduce the risk of vision loss due to high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol levels.
Of course With healthy eyes we will be more enthusiastic in various ways, and if there are eye complaints immediately consult an ophthalmologist so that we can prevent it early.

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