Reading Doesn't Make You a Nerd, Instead Good for Health

Reading is an activity that we often ignore because of feeling lazy, sometimes considered not good at socializing because it is fun with books and boring because it only sees books continuously, it turns out that reading adding more knowledge and insight, also a reading habit that turns out to be good for your health.

First, early protection from Alzheimer disease
Alzheimer’s is a disease of memory loss at an early age. Well, reading activities make the brain tend to work and think it will make us protect ourselves from alzheimer disease. Because reading is the same as doing physical activities that are beneficial to maintain muscles and bones and keep the heart.

Second, it help you to concentrate
Because reading makes us more focused on the books we read because usually we will do many things such as playing devices, checking jobs, chatting through social media. After we focus our stress levels are reduced and make our work productivity increases.

Third, help you easier to sleep
In the era of technology that has many devices and electronic equipment that often disturbs us, reading before going to sleep will be a good lullaby especially if we like the books we read it will be encouraging and will eliminate the mild mental illness that we experience that makes us difficult to sleep.

multiply reading because there are many positive effects for yourself and ignore external factors, especially what other people say, because what they say is not necessarily they can do things that we enjoy. Be diligent in reading because reading is a window to the world and give you a lot of benefits.

Mauricio Bogan

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Mauricio Bogan


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