Stay Healthy Even On The Air Pollution Environment

Air pollution can not be avoided anymore in the era where motor vehicles are developing and growing more and more,  of course we must know how to maintain health when air pollution starts to spread. Just in case the air pollution event does not recur in our city, here are a few ways to stay healthy in polluted air conditions:

1. Decorate the house with home plants
Many types of beautiful home plants that have beautiful look, also have the benefit of clarifying air to get a fresh air. Many studies also mention that home plants can counteract the effects of toxics and help those of us who have respiratory pain.

2. Make a tight hole for air ventilation
Instead of bothering to open windows and dirty air into the house, it would be nice to ventilate the air with a tight hole so that the air can be clarified with exhaust fans so that air pollution in the room is pushed out.

3. Use a mask when leaving the room
Masks are things that are sought when air pollution comes, so when you leave the room don’t forget to use a mask. Masks that are sold in general are not all able to prevent 100 percent Air Pollution, choose the right mask for example just a mask that can banish dirty air particles, the best to use when leaving the room is the N95 Mask, don’t use the green surgical masks that exist in online motorcycle taxi drivers because the mask cannot filter the smallest particles in air pollution.

4. Adjust your diet
Choose foods that are healthy and rich in nutrients such as spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, avocados, turmeric, olive oil and many more. Some of the foods above are believed to contain good for the lungs and serve to maintain the lungs as well. And also include some of the food ingredients we’ve mentioned above because if air pollution enters through digestion there will be free radicals that can cause various diseases.

5. Avoid traffic jams
The more vehicles the more the volume of polluted air is caused by motor vehicle fumes that are none other than one of the major causes of air pollution. Always look for shortcuts to avoid motor vehicle fumes and the stress that arises when jammed can trigger things that are bad for the body.

6. Monitoring your air environtment quality
Having an application to monitor air quality is an additional thing that is not important but includes the need to be done when conditions are poor air quality. There is no harm in smart devices we take a little storage for applications that are important for our health, to monitor when you want to exercise or activities outdoors, so do not worry and can be calm with air pollution conditions that are not too high monitored through the application.

That was a number of ways to stay healthy even if covered with air pollution, having a healthy environmental and physical is a choice for our health.

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