Take control of yourself on consuming sugar

Most of childrens to adults like it and almost our daily necessities food we consume are contain sugar, so we must know how to control ourselves by using it properly, here some advice:

1. You have to recognize when your body weight suddenly rises
Excess calories mostly caused by excess sugar, excessive sugar also causes us to lack vitamin and protein. The pancreas is an organ that produces insulin, that carries sugar to our body. The more often we eat sugar the more insulin can cause insulin resistance. Insulin resistance means is when our body can’t respond to insulin with a normal amount. These disorders will make weight increase, this is what we must be aware of and start reducing consumption when the scales have shown an weight rise.

2. Eat when you are hungry
Surely when we are hungry we will eat, hungry here means that the condition is really hungry and the body needs energy instead of hunger where we look for side foods (snacking) then make foods that are have a vitamins, nutrients and protein. Such as pieces of fruit, cereals, oatmeal and other healthy food.This aims to make the stomach feel full immediately and avoid snacking which tends to eat foods that are mostly contain sugar.

Take control of yourself on consuming sugar
Take control of yourself on consuming sugar

3. The appearance of holes in the teeth
Cavities in the teeth are caused by high sugar levels which are also food or nutrients for bacteria in the teeth, so the nutrients in the teeth produce acids that can damage teeth. This also causes bacteria to multiply and then damage teeth.

4. The mood starts to swing
Changes in mood / unstable mood can cause by eating too much sugar, also causes someone to get angry easily due to not being able to control sweet foods, it is better to reduce high sugar foods when the mood is not good, you can have rest and shower to control the mood, and it’s better than eating sweet food.

5. The emergence acne
The face suddenly becomes red maybe it’s a sign of excess sugar, because there are some people that react when insulin levels in the body rise, the face turns red and even emergence the acne. Well, this is a factor that we should be aware of when acnes or skin flushes start, it can cause by hormonal factors but it would be nice to remain careful to reduce sugar consumption when there are signs as mentioned earlier.
Some of the signs above are a form of self-control not to consume too much sugar, many benefits can be taken when we reduce sugar. It does not mean you cannot eat sweets,  but remain in control so the amount of sugar in the body is stable and balanced, so that we can avoid the bad effects of consuming too much sugar.

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