The Benefits Of Honey For Health and Beauty

Honey known as beverage that rich of vitamins and minerals as well as many more benefits, since long time ago it was believed to be a medicinal and nutritious drink in all conditions both being healthy and preventing various diseases.

First, Honey as medicine
Honey mixed with warm water or water is usually a powerful thing to treat illnesses such as coughs and colds. Honey can also be made outside medicine when exposed to burns and ulcers just apply directly pure honey on the injured part. Honey can also improve eye health, if the routine consumption of honey can also be a cancer-preventing drink, heart disease and a regulator of sugar levels in diabetics. Surely there are many more benefits of honey that cannot be written here let alone imagine that you should immediately prove it by trying it yourself.

Second, Honey as an immune enhancer
Usually honey is consumed with warm water before going to bed routinely can also drink directly. This makes the body fitter and the immune system increases.

Third, Honey as a beauty tool
Honey has anti-bacterial, fungal and anti-oxidant properties that make skin healthy and bright. It’s no doubt that honey itself or honey as a mixture is used for various kinds of beauty tools both liquid, solid, gas, powder and semisalnya. Proving that honey has ingredients that are good for the body and do not cause allergies.

Fourth, Honey as a prevention of obesity and to avoid hunger
For those of you who are trying a very healthy diet, may try honey as a solution because there are many vitamins and minerals that can prevent obesity, sugar content is also low so you don’t need to worry about drinking honey too much. Honey also has carbohydrate content that can be processed into energy when you enter into the body so no need to worry about lack of energy when only consuming honey without complementary foods.

Since We know the benefits of honey, Come let’s make it a habit to live healthy with honey, because many processed foods, drinks and healthy snacks can be made or mixed with honey.

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